See you in 2017  

thank you for starting the journey with us

From all of us at Bixo we want to thank all of our faithful clientele, vendors & our host, Avanti, for being part of our first restaurant prototype in Denver.  Thanks to your support we will be continuing our quest to bring the most amazing culinary creations right here in Colorado. We'll keep you posted in our future opening on our very first brick and mortar in Denver downtown.  


Located inside Avanti F&B in LoHI Denver, BiXO brings a contemporary take on Mediterranean cuisine accentuated with Mexican flavors.

Photos by Marco Gonzalez


BIXO is Chef Marco’s interpretation on modernized mediterranean and western european recipes with a mexican flair.  Our goal is to take our customers on a unique flight of flavors, temperatures and textures focusing on a “tapas” style cuisine perfect for sharing.

Our menu is intended to take you on an organoleptic journey through some modernized classic recipes while bringing forward some special ingredients found throughout the old continent and mexico.  





3200 Pecos St.
at Avanti F&B
Denver, CO 80211






BiXO & me... The origins:

"I studied Culinary Arts and Restaurant administration in one of the finest culinary universities in Europe, L'Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon France and a few years later became a Sommelier in L'université du Vin in the Rhone Valley in France.  I stayed a few years in Europe and earned my stripes working in some of the best and most demanding michelin starred restaurants such as: Les Trois Domes (1 Michelin star Lyon, France), L'Alexandrin (1 Michelin star, Lyon, France), Le Calandre (3 Michelin stars, Padova, Italy) and Via Veneto (1 Michelin star, Barcelona, Spain).

I went back home to Mexico to rediscover my roots and learn more about the vast array of ingredients and culinary styles that spread throughout the country focusing mainly in the Yucatan peninsula while developing a culinary crush on the Oaxaca and Puebla regions.   

I think it is important to understand where a chef comes from in order to better appreciate his work. Today I have compiled all my knowledge, passion and culinary maturity into one project.  BiXO... enjoy!"

- Chef Marco Gonzalez -